I am easily the most inconsistant person on this planet. Don’t believe me? Watch me for maybe an hour, you’ll see.

I’ll go from sitting there with this big ass smile on my face, then you turn around and I  look like someone just killed my dog. I just cycle through emotions like that. That’s not it either, some days I will absolutely loathe the people I loved the day before, I mean, I go back to liking them again soon enough, but still.

At least 50% of the time I really, really do not want to be around people.

There’s a million other things I could put down here, but I doubt you would want to read it, but anyways:

This probably makes me one of the most difficult people to deal with, so thanks for putting up with me, I’m sure it’s not an easy thing to do.

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      Haha, especially considering that. xD That was so ridiculous.
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      Oh yeah, true. Especially considering how we met. XD
    3. justinitfothemoney said: This is usually me too, and a lot of my friends have gotten tired of it, but there have been harder people I’ve met to put up with.