my name is my name was honestly so good like…..yeah maybe it wasn’t the most well composed as an album but did you listen to it? did you hear sweet serenade? did you hear that one part where kanye just kinda hummed in the background and then auto tuned it


If you fuck the police so much Dr Dre why dont you marry them 

girl with zine:  I love grimes
girl with 2 zines:  don't you think she's a little played out?

I put itunes on shuffle in the hip hop/rap genre and it’s only played songs off of ready to die and return to the 36 chambers for like 7 songs so I guess it’s 1995 now

Are you friends with hiphopfightsback?



I hope so

I accept your friend-ship.

Many Ladies wear it this way



Our fifth annual Zelda for Eternity marathon begins tomorrow (July 29th) at 6 PM EST. As always, expect 120+ hours of nonstop Zelda, all in the effort to raise money for Child’s Play Charity and entertain our always appreciated fans of the marathon.

Check out our line up for this year!

1 – Twilight Princess (pt.1) – Elias
2 – A Link to the Past – Garrett/Danny
3 – Link’s Crossbow Training – Garrett/Danny
4 – Zelda Game and Watch – Garrett/Danny
5 – BS The Legend of Zelda – Garrett/Danny
6 – Twilight Princess (pt. 2) – Elias
7 – Wind Waker HD – Shank/Elias
8 – Phantom Hourglass – Elias
9 – Skyward Sword – Shank
10 – Majora’s Mask 3 Heart Challenge – Mike
11 – Ocarina of Time – Shank
12 – ZU Fangame Exclusive Demo Feature: Timeless Haven– Elias/Shank
13 – A Link Between Worlds– Emhave

As shown above, among these features will be a a very popular fan game. Exclusive to ZE, a preview of the beta demo of Zelda Universe’s “Timeless Haven” will be showcased as a blind run by Elias and Shank. ZU’s team is working hard on furthering development, so we’d like to promote their current progress!

Anyway, Zelda for Eternity is always a blast. Don’t miss out on the fun and join us at 6pm EST tomorrow (the 29th of July) for the fifth annual summer marathon!

please spread the word and watch it if you can! this is for a great cause

whty are these feels not more relatable