I physically cannot learn anymore about the politics of other nations tonight I’m going to bed goodnight I’ll see you all sometime tomorrow probably




Here are some excerpts from Kirby and the Shadow Velocity 2, due out sometime in 2006

i think we’ve all known the five fingers of solitude at one time or another

the worst/best part about that one is that i was definitely in private christian school when i made these. i legitimately had no idea.

i;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; di d NTO ha ve sexual relations wit h that woamn……………. i s w ea r to og d…… i cna’t sto p cryign;;;;;;; i ‘fm fre kagin otu;;;; ; i ne ver mean t to cause an ytrouble; jsu t sto p sendnig me a no n hate……………. p l e ase ogm

— bill clinton (via jeffreyeugenides)



Who gives a shit what the hell kind of shit is this?

why u reblog it den u dork this humor fa tha real playas on tha dash u just got a ticket to da block zone lol sike na im mobile but u needa loosen up u jive turkey

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And were they?

imagine a crappy version of mathxl but with a built in text book

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oh yeah if you broke quiet hours you got mad fines which is why we waited. the party we had at the end of exams was so loud you could hear it from two floors away

yeah post exams that shit is totally fine but right now in this very moment it’s just inconsiderate

I’m getting paid $40 on friday to be part of a 1 hour focus group on whether or not I thought my economics book and the online thing that came with it were any good

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when i was in a dorm we threw our year end party only once the person with the last exam had at least left to go write her last exam

most people’s exams start tomorrow I think and we literally have established quiet hours right now these people are absurd

it’s 12:30 at night in the middle of finals week how could you possibly think that throwing a goddamn party in the middle of a dorm building would be the appropriate thing to do